2134x1493x2When sunlight is blurring everything around you, when it became the only thing you can ear and smell even taste. The light is catching up with you, you’re under the spot. Burning.

Canon AE-1 / Lomography Redscale 



Numériser 20 Numériser 21


Sometimes I forget what I love in living in a city, there’s always something to see, even from below. That’s what I remembered when I got some films I shot last fall. Always weird to discover what was on your minds few months earlier, it’s like travelling in its own mind.

Walking in the 18th arrondissement – Paris / Fall 2014


99c1db1a61115d25585bc1ddc7dbe2bf64a360Je n’ai pas vu Noël arriver cette année, l’entrée dans le monde adulte m’a coupé de ce que j’aime le plus de cette période. Le voyage en train pour rentrer chez moi, sereine. Cette année, le voyage se fera dans la précipitation d’un train de nuit, dans l’inquiétude d’une heure trop tardive. C’est bien la première fois que je crains d’arriver trop tard, de louper quelque chose. Ce pincement au coeur quand on est sur le quai de la gare, un flash forward qui rappel qu’on sera de nouveau aux portes d’un train mais pour nous couper de ce qui nous illumine. Fermer les yeux, profiter de l’instant présent.

I did not saw Christmas coming this year. With my discovered of the adulthood, I have been cut of everything I love the most in this period. The train trip that will take me home, peaceful. This year, it will be a journey in the haste of a night train, in the fear of arriving to late.  It’s the first time that I feel this fear of missing something. A pinch in the heart when you’re on the platform station, a flash forward of when we will be back facing the doors of the train that’ll bring us back. Close eyes, take advantage of the present moment.